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We are the ultimate networking and marketing company to help you grow your money through wealth and investment management.

Welcome to Zantech Trading. We empower you with a wealth creator vessel that will take you into a prosperous future. We are an asset management investment company.

Zantech Trading is a Black Empowerment Company incorporated in South Africa which was established in the year 2011. We are an asset management investment company that specialises in wealth and investment management. We help you invest your money in the correct places to help you get the best return in a suitable amount of time for you. Our investment techniques have been developed over years of analysing the market and intensive training to each and every one of our highly capable staff.

The process we use to generate most of the wealth that you gain over time is through a networking and marketing strategy. What is network marketing? Network marketing is a method by which a company sells its products or services by recruiting sales people who are paid on a commission basis. Those sales people then go and recruit others to sell under them in exchange for a percentage. Network Marketers earn money both by selling and by recruiting new sales people.

The Company's core business activities include, but are not limited to, the acquisition of various commodities and the buying and selling of fast movable consumer goods. The profit generated from the aforementioned business activities is then shared amongst shareholders. We have established ourselves as one of the leading network marketing companies in South Africa by offering our clients some of the best returns on their money.

What is wealth management and how can we as a leading financial management company help you?

What is wealth management? Asset and wealth management is a professional service which is the advanced combination of financial or investment advice, accounting services as well as legal planning under the umbrella of one cost amount. As a financial management company, we dominate the market when it comes to wealth management in South Africa and aim to offer our wealth and investment management services to as many people as possible.

Zantech Trading offers you the opportunities of financial engagement in shares, also known as equity. This effectively refers to the acquisition of shares or an ownership interest by the shareholders of a company. As a shareholder of a company your benefits include good potential returns, receiving dividends, the potential to create long-term engagement. This is where having a financial management company as skilled as Zantech Trading really helps. We establish the best companies for you to invest in and help you with all your asset and wealth management surrounding the company.

Contact us today and let us help you pave the way to your financial future.

Zantech Trading – helping you in creating your own wealth.